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TkDesk User's Guide

Author: Christian Bolik

Version 1.3, 14 September 1999

TkDesk is a graphical, highly configurable and powerful desktop manager for UNIX and the X Window System. This document is meant to be a comprehensive guide to the functions, services and configuration possibilities offered by TkDesk. Please also take a look at the CHANGES file for latest news. A list of answers to frequently asked questions is also included. The "official unofficial" TkDesk homepage on the Web is at http://www.znet.com/~jchris/tkdesk/. There is also a mailing list dedicated to TkDesk available at majordomo@lists.stanford.edu. To join this list simply send an email with an empty subject line and the body "subscribe tkdesk-list".

1. Introduction

2. The File Browser Window

3. The File List Window

4. File Operations

5. Cascading Directory Popup Menus

6. The Application Bar

7. The Built-in Editor

8. Using the TkDesk Server

9. Configuration of TkDesk

10. Frequently Asked Questions

11. Tips and Tricks

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Maintainer: J. Chris Coppick