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Download Current Version: tkdesk-2.0.tar.gz

TkDesk Patches

Patches for version 2.0:

Patch ID Date Released Problem Description
2.0p1 04/16/2004 Compilation of the file libdesk/tixImgXpm.c fails when using a Tk version lower than 8.3.
2.0p2 04/20/2004 Some Linux distributions are using newer "unofficial" versions of Incr Tcl (Itcl). Though TkDesk 2.0 works with the official Itcl 3.2.1 release, these newer Itcl installations disable backwards compatibility for some older Itcl syntax that TkDesk still requires. The typical symptom of this problem is this error message when TkDesk is started:

Error in startup script: can't rename "itcl_class": command doesn't exist...

General patch instructions for version 2.0:

The patches are generally cumulative so, unless a patch description says otherwise, it is almost always safest to install every previous patch (in numeric order) leading up to the one you need. Ideally, everyone should install all the patches, as that facillitates testing. :-)

  1. Using your browser, download the patch file (linked to the patch ID in the above table) to a handy spot on your hard drive.

  2. Go to the root of your TkDesk source tree:
    cd {PATH_TO_SRC}/tkdesk-2.0
    where {PATH_TO_SRC} is wherever you have untarred the TkDesk 2.0 source.

  3. Then use the patch command:
    patch -p1 < {PATH_TO_PATCH}/tkdesk-2.0p1.patch
    where {PATH_TO_PATCH} is the directory path to that handy spot on your hard drive where you stored the patch file in step #1.

  4. Follow the build instructions in the TkDesk INSTALL file to recompile and install TkDesk. It would be a good idea, after applying a patch, to always use the testdrive script to test TkDesk prior to doing a make install.

Note: Patches that only effect TkDesk's Tcl source files may be applied directly to an installed version of the TkDesk library (e.g. /usr/local/lib/TkDesk). In this case, cd to the installed TkDesk library directory and use the patch command option -p2 instead of the usual -p1. Applying patches in this manner is not recommended, but may be necessary if TkDesk has been installed from a pre-compiled package (RPM, etc.).

Known Problems (Version 2.0)

No currently known showstoppers.

The minor problems described below for version 1.2 still exist in version 2.0. (Give the prayer wheel another spin. It couldn't hurt.)

Patches for version 1.2:

Fix Name Date Description Files Fixed
appbar-dnd.diff 15.11.99 The drop handler of the appbar wouldn't accept more than one file. E.g. dropping 2 files onto the trash can would give an error. appbar.tcl
empty-trash.diff 22.11.99 Invoking "Empty Trash Can" from the AppBar or the "Directory" menu has no effect (well - unless you use files named '.*' or '*'). delete.tcl
exit-save-dd.diff 24.01.00 On exit, TkDesk doesn't check whether there are unsafed buffers in any of the editor windows (this relates to the built-in editor only).
A 2nd fix contained in this diff file fixes a problem with drag and drop operations picking the wrong file by disabling some BLT internal bindings.
find-dd.diff 24.01.00 Drag'n'drop of more than one file from the Find window doesn't work. find.tcl

You can download all currently available fixes for version 1.2 as a single gzipped tar archive.

General patch instructions for version 1.2:

  1. Use your browser to download the patch files (using the links in the table above).
  2. Locate the files listed in the "Files Fixed" column and move or save the patch to the directory containing them. If you haven't installed TkDesk yet this is typically one of the subdirectories of the unpacked distribution, such as "tcldesk". If you already have TkDesk installed it could be something like "/usr/local/lib/TkDesk". Somewhat special is the file tkdesk.main. Before installation, this is located in the base directory of the distribution. After installation, this becomes the "tkdesk" script file that starts up TkDesk, usually located in "/usr/local/bin".
  3. "cd" into that directory.
  4. Do a "patch -l < patch-file".If you don't have the patch utility you can get it at ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/patch. If the fix is for a ".c" file you now need to recompile TkDesk, otherwise you just have to restart TkDesk.

Known Problems (Version 1.2)

  • In the "Open or Execute" dialog, entering and executing commands containing brackets or dollar signs, as in "chmod g+w $foo [Bb]ar" is not currently supported. No fix available yet.
  • Entering commands like "sync ; gimp" into the "Open or Execute" dialog is currently not supported. The work-around is to enter "sh -c 'sync ; gimp'" instead.
  • Files containing unmatched curly braces are not supported. E.g. file names like "{foo}" are supported, but names like "foo}" are not.

Maintainer: J. Chris Coppick

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