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Welcome to the TkDesk Homepage

TkDesk is a graphical file manager for Unix and the X-Window System. It offers a very rich set of file operations and services, and provides the user with an immense amount of configurability. TkDesk's configuration flexibility results from the use of Tcl/Tk as the primary implementation language. Another benefit of using Tcl/Tk is that TkDesk is very portable and runs on virtually any Unix platform.

TkDesk 2.0 has been released! Read the news for details.

The many features of TkDesk include:

  • Arbitrary number of automatically refreshed file browsers and file-list windows
  • Configurable file-specific popup-menus
  • Drag and drop
  • Files and directories may be dropped onto the root window (a.k.a. the desktop)
  • Configurable application bar, with several displays (currently date, load, mail, state of dial-up link) and cascaded popup menus for each button
  • History of visited directories, opened files, executed commands, and others, which is automatically saved to disk
  • Find files through their annotation, name, contents, size, ownership or age
  • Trash can for safe "deletion" of files and directories
  • Calculation of disk usage for directory hierarchies
  • All file operations (find, copy, disk usage, etc.) are carried out in the background
  • Traversal of directory hierarchies through recursive cascaded menus
  • Bookmarks, create menu entries for often used files/directories
  • Built-in multi-buffer editor, providing virtually unlimited undo
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Powerful on-the-fly configuration, allowing for unlimited extensibility
  • As TkDesk is distributed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License, it is free of charge!

The complete list of features goes on forever (well, to the point where we lost count anyway). To explore more of TkDesk's features, please visit the screenshot and documentation pages.

TkDesk was originally conceived and implemented by Christian Bolik.

Maintainer: J. Chris Coppick.
"Smell? What smell? Oh, that's just my editor. It's Vile."

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